Nokia 6610

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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If you're a business traveler, the Nokia 6610 virtually obviates your need for a secretary or administrative assistant. If you currently pay somebody $30,000 a year to handle all your correspondence, phone logs, finances, and appointments, the Nokia 6610 may be able to slash that 30 grand from your yearly expenditures in one fell swoop. And when the holiday season rolls around, there's no need to present your 6610 with a bonus, either!

The 6610 is capable of sending and forwarding messages to other phones with MMS technology. It also boasts a pre-installed asset manager, currency converter, thermometer, phone book, and 128 x 128-pixel display. You can even customize your 6610 with any of 20 specialized ringing tones, your favorite games, to-do notes, and a multilingual line display. And these are just a few of your total options.

The Fully Integrated Nokia 6610

Nokia continues to be the industry leader in mobile phone technology, so it's no wonder the company offers more premium services than any of its rivals. And while the games and ring tones are nice fringe benefits of a great phone, it's functionality and easy use that ultimately distinguish a great GSM phone from an expensive paperweight. Here the Nokia 6610 really delivers with easy-to-use Java applications, triband frequencies, and a range of connectivity options.

Better still, the 6610 is a bargain if you're careful about where you shop. Many fly-by-night vendors offer free phones with expensive service plans, which is a great way to get yourself way in over your head. Always read the fine print before signing any type of service contract, and price out several web-based suppliers to save yourself considerable cash.

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