Nokia 6610

Written by Stephanie Dula
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The conventionally designed Nokia 6610 comes equipped with many features that have come to be expected from the saturated cell phone market, combining them into a well-priced package. The 6610 is a tri-band GSM phone that supports text and multimedia messaging. While it lacks Bluetooth connectivity, it does offer an Infrared port for communication with other devices.

Nokia's Classic 6610

As was previously mentioned, the 6610 has a rather traditional design, a typical Nokia mid-level phone size and shape, well built with an improved, sturdy keypad. Given its unassuming qualities, it's usually thought of as a business class phone, but there are options for customization, including exchangeable covers in a variety of colors. There is further opportunity to give the phone a personal touch through Java downloads including polyphonic ring tones.

There is also a built-in FM radio, which can be heard only through use of headset that doubles as an antenna. The internal speaker, as opposed to a buzzer found in other handsets, comes in handy when listening to the radio, and also makes for better sounds for ring tones, alerts, and games. The FM radio trend of the cell phone market represents one of many ways manufacturers are attempting to combine the services of multiple devices into one.

The 6610 also comes equipped with many options now considered standard in higher-end cell phones, including high-speed data transmission through GPRS. Also of note on the 6610 is Nokia's innovative Pop-Port, a system connector that enables the phone to become an interface between the user and a multitude of accessories. The PopPort interface is a popular and convenient method for controlling a variety of external devices, including the stereo headset.

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