Nokia 6610i

Written by Stephanie Dula
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The crowded environment of the cell phone market can be overwhelming to consumers, with phones that have a lot of complex features. Consumers ultimately benefit, however, from this over-saturation of new models constantly being released by manufacturers. Competition brings down prices of even the most premium features, and companies are always updating older models to fit the needs of their target audience.

6610i Features

Nokia's 6610i, for example, is an updated version of the 6610 with added features, most notably an integrated CIF camera. The 6610i also comes equipped with an xHTML browser, Java technology, and SyncML. The phone's impressive set of features is housed in a familiar Nokia design, a standard candy bar-sized keypad and LCD screen with a camera lens on back.

The phone also boasts a tri-band GSM compatibility, and a PopPort interface for controlling accessories. The PopPort feature comes in handy for using the phone's many possible enhancements, including the headset for the integrated FM radio. And since impressive audio capability has quickly become a desirable phone feature, the 6610i has an integrated speaker and supports polyphonic ring tones.

The Nokia 6610i offers a little bit of everything, including the possibility to personalize with changeable covers and Java applications. Messaging ability is definitely a big part of the 6610i's appeal, with an advanced MMS to send a variety of file formats, including photo, audio, and text. The 6610i has evolved from its previous form into an upgraded, streamlined phone with more capability.

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