Nokia 6820

Written by Stephanie Dula
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At first glance, the Nokia 6820 seems like little more than a standard Nokia cell phone, but it's definitely worth a closer look. The basic keypad on the front cover on the phone flips up, and a full keyboard is revealed. Text messagers will love this aspect of the 6820, and that is precisely what Nokia is counting on.

The Popularity of Text Messaging

Text and instant messaging has really come into its own in the U.S. in the last couple of years and is quickly becoming the preferred mode of communication for a number of cell phone users. Short messages have long been popular in Europe and Asia, and cell phone manufacturers like Nokia are now catering to this burgeoning group of connected Americans. The 6820 is a perfect example of a more convenient design for text messaging.

The 6820 also boasts plenty of advanced features that make it attractive for a variety of other applications. The phone's tri-band GSM technology makes it operational on five continents, and an integrated camera is also included. Bluetooth connectivity adds another dimension of technological capability to this versatile phone. The 6820's Personal Information Management (PIM) technology, with advanced calendar and phone book capability, is sure to please as well.

Ten second video clips can be recorded and played back with the 6820 as well, and sent via e-mail or multimedia message. Combined with the text messaging and camera features, users can have a lot of fun sending and receiving all sorts of creative messages. The 6820 combines some sensible connectivity features with an easy-to-use text keyboard for all sorts of personal and business possibilities.

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