Nokia 7210

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Nokia 7210 gets a lot more than just great local coverage--it gets attention as well. The 7210 brings together some of Nokia's best design elements and combines them with cutting-edge technology for a great all-in-one phone. Not only do you receive a high-resolution display and innovative scroll functionality, you also get world-class performance.

The 7210 is loaded with memory, so you can carry all your contacts with you wherever you go. Store as many as 500 names at a time, each with three phone numbers and a separate text item as well. Add to that anywhere from 100-250 calendar items, and your Nokia 7210 is an electronic daily planner as well as a mobile phone.

Fringe Benefits of Owning a Nokia 7210

In addition to all the standard calling features, you also receive four pre-installed games including Snowboarding and Bantumi. If interactivity is your thing, take advantage of Nokia's mobile chat options, which let you correspond in real time with friends who have SMS-supported technology in their phones as well. While you're at it, send a picture--with text, if you want--to those same friends so they can follow your travels, wherever they may take you.

The Nokia 7210 is designed for folks who demand total control over their technology. GSM cellular phones are growing increasingly popular all the time, and with that demand comes the need for better technology. Nokia has risen to the challenge with a line of GSM phones that not only free you up to go where you please, when you please, but let you look sharp in the process.

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