Nokia 7250i

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Nokia 7250i is a step up from its predecessor, the Nokia 7250. The newer version sports an XHTML browser for better color-rendering and graphics as well as updated MMS features for better control over messaging functions. The 7250i also scales your incoming messages to help you free up more memory.

One of the Nokia 7250i's niftiest features is its "portrait image caller ID," which automatically renders a pre-set picture of the person calling you. Add to that a built-in camera with advanced picture-taking and editing buttons, and you've got your own digital workstation in the palm of your hand. You can even create graphic slide shows of your images, then beam them to your friends on their mobile phones (provided they have the proper technology themselves).

What If I Just Want To Make a Call on My Nokia 7250i?

Of course you can still use your 7250i to place a garden variety phone call to let your boss know you're running late or tell your kids you love them. And when they call you, you have the option of setting customized ring tones for each of them, so you don't even need to look at your phone to know who's on the line. This is especially useful when you're driving and can't be bothered to pick up your Nokia.

Aside from all of these great added features, you still get the usual perks of a GSM cell phone. The main reason people buy GSM phones in the first place is to take advantage of their unlimited range. Once you're unlocked, you're free to travel the world and place calls from any place where you can find service. So once you're done scaling Everest, snap a pic at the peak so you can send it off once you're back to base camp.

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