Nokia 7250i

Written by Stephanie Dula
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The Nokia 7250i is an updated version of its predecessor, the 7250, with a few added features and a new range of available colors. Most notably, the 7250i supports xHTML web browsing, which offers more freedom than the WAP browser of the 7250. The integrated camera functions have also been improved on this model to include a night mode for low-light conditions and photo editor.

7250i Connectivity

The 7250i supports GSM networks with a tri-band compatibility as did the 7250, as well as several connectivity options. While the device lacks Bluetooth technology, it does offer cable and Infrared ports. Those who enjoy sending and receiving messages with both images and text will also appreciate the phone's enhanced Multimedia Messaging Service and HSCSD (High Speed Circuit Switched Data) technology.

One example of the 7250i's general messaging enhancement is its ability to scale down messages to adhere to size restrictions set by operators. The possibility for group messaging applications have also been added. These will prove a welcome addition to today's crowded mobile business market.

The 7250i's audio capability is also worth mentioning, since stereo quality is a dominant and attractive feature on this handset. The phone has an integrated FM radio as well as the ability to play polyphonic ring tones. There is also a quality and convenient hands-free speaker. The 7250i is a mid-level phone worth a second look by anyone who likes the idea of advanced multimedia applications and much opportunity for personalization with downloads via Java technology and changeable colors.

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