Nokia 7280

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Nokia's fashion class 7280 is a real head turner, perhaps the most radically designed phone ever to be released from the manufacturer. This tall and slim slider phone has a distinctively retro design, with a black lacquered shell overlaid with striking white lines. At first glance, the 7280 looks something like a cross between an older looking camera and a sleek lipstick case.

The Astonishing 7280

The biggest surprise regarding the design of the 7280 is the omission of a keypad. Nokia chose to equip the phone with an Apple iPod-style scroll wheel for navigation through numbers one through nine. This interesting choice may prove undesirable for text messaging addicts, but it will operate just fine for anyone who just wants to be able to get attention while making calls to numbers stored in memory.

Another interesting design component of the 7280 is its 65K LCD display, which is hidden beneath a mirrored finish. This is perfect for those who like to be able to check their appearance with their cell phone. When it slides apart, the phone is activated and an integrated 0.3 megapixel camera is revealed.

The 7280 also comes equipped with what's considered standard on these types of handsets now, including Bluetooth connectivity and an FM radio. The phone also has an xHTML browser and GPRS/EDGE transmission speeds. Though the 7280 is definitely designed for fans of super stylish gadgets, the phone won't disappoint when it comes to synchronization with a PC and lots of opportunity for mobile entertainment.

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