Nokia 7610

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Perhaps the most talked-about feature of the Nokia 7610 is its 1 megapixel integrated camera. For those who really enjoy the camera feature on their cell phone, and may actually want to print out their photos, the 7610 is worth checking out. It's one of the first phones to be released with this quality camera--noticeably better than a VGA camera phone.

The 7610 also comes with several key features that can help users take better pictures, including a 4X digital zoom. A timer is also included with the camera, which some users may find handy when taking a self-portrait. Another helpful feature is the lens's capability to record images in low light using the camera's Night Mode.

Nokia 7610's Fun Features

The powerful lens of the Nokia 7610 is also used to record video clips of up to ten minutes in length in 3GPP file format. Short clips can even be edited together using the Nokia's Movie Director software and played back on the phone's RealOne Player. Music can be added to the clips to create a "music video" style final product.

There is also an application called LifeBlog, which stores and organizes all e-mails, photos, and videos into chronological order for easy retrieval. A reduced size multimedia card is also bundled with the phone to help users make the most of all this phone has to offer. The Nokia 7610 is truly a powerful device, packed with fun extras and a great camera to keep one busy for hours.

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