Nokia 7710

Written by Stephanie Dula
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The amazing Nokia 7710 has all the standard acronym features that have come to be expected of a phone in this class: GSM (tri-band), GPRS/EDGE (high-speed data transmission), MMS/SMS (messaging), and an MP3 media player. The phone also comes equipped with a smartphone Symbian Series 90 operating system and a host of options for wireless connectivity, including Bluetooth support. The 7710's multimedia capabilities, however, are what make it stand out from the crowd.

The One-of-a-Kind 7710

One glance at the 7710 and there's no doubt as to its primary function. The multipurpose device consists of a wide, 65K color, touchscreen display that takes up nearly an entire side. Its 1.3 megapixel camera goes well with this type of display, as do its extensive set of video streaming, recording, and playback features. The 7710's wide screen can be used with a PDA-type stylus or even just the finger for dialing a number on the on-screen keypad.

Photo editing applications include the ability to sketch over an existing megapixel image as well as traditional digital camera functions like crop, zoom, and flip. Other exciting media applications include an FM radio and Visual Radio client capable of providing on-screen information about current artist and song. The phone also includes powerful Personal Information Management (PIM) applications.

Another notable characteristic of the 7710 is its mobile weblogging ability, which enables users to upload data, including images and text, to their personal online blog. In the over-saturated cell phone market, the Nokia 7710 takes its place among the creative handsets. Developed for a young, professional market, the device is free of traditional design and function concerns, and proves to incorporate some truly innovative features.

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