Nokia 9500

Written by Stephanie Dula
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The Nokia 9500 Communicator is a truly powerful little device, fully equipped with nearly all the technological capabilities available on the cell phone market. The phone is one of few to include a fully operational keyboard in its design, and comes with pre-installed business software to rival the most advanced PC. Since the phone is more of a pocket computer, it's naturally larger than most other phones.

The 9500 is geared specifically toward people who can take advantage of its many business applications. It's meant to be an "office away from the office" and that's what it delivers. The 9500's business capabilities include advanced messaging and e-mail using high-speed data transmission, internet browsing, and document editing.

Nokia 9500 Upgrades

Several features have been added to the Communicator as compared to its previous version, the 9210. Perhaps the most talked about new addition is the device's option for Wi-Fi connectivity. This type of connection operates on a radio frequency, rather than on a land based cable system. With a Wi-Fi connection, the device can operate within range of the system hub.

The device also features the possibility for a high-speed GPRS connection as well as Bluetooth wireless technology. Since flexibility is of utmost importance to most users of the 9500, its connection options are among the most numerous and diverse of any other phones on the market. A camera, video and music player are also included for a variety of multimedia possibilities.

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