Nokia Cell Phones

Written by Charles Peacock
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Nokia cell phones are some of the best and most trusted models on the market today. They have yet to really catch on in the United States as the dominant brand, but in Europe and much of the rest of the world, Nokia phones are ubiquitous. Nokia cell phones benefit from over one hundred of years of experience in technology development.

History of Nokia Cell Phones

The origins of Nokia the company go back to 1865. In that year, a Finnish man named Frederik Idestam founded a pulp mill in Tampere, Finland. The company gets its name from the Nokia River, where Idestam built his second pulp mill in 1868. Nokia was known from the beginning as an innovator in its field, and they soon absorbed several other companies that specialized in electricity and cables.

By the 1960s, Nokia had expanded into an international conglomerate with interests in electronics manufacturing, power, rubber and forestry. They began producing television sets around this time, and quickly moved to the front of the European market. By the 1990s, the company recognized that its future was in telecommunications, and they began to cut back from their other businesses to focus on this industry.

Nokia has been in the cell phone market from the very beginning. In 1987 they introduced the first portable NMT telephone, the Mobira Cityman. By 1989, Nokia was working on some of the first GSM networks, an advanced standard that would take almost a decade to reach the United States. Today, Nokia cell phones are used by more people than any other brand in the world.

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