Nokia N-gage

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Nokia N-gage is more than just a cell phone--it's a gamer's dream. While some manufacturers stress the clarity of their phones and all the underlying technology, the N-gage is completely up front about its appeal. It may be easier to think of this particular Nokia as a portable game deck with a few business-style accessories thrown in.

But that would sell the Nokia N-gage short, for in reality it's a terrific communications device as well. Like many other Nokia phones, the N-gage is outfitted with triband technology and full e-mail support. Take your N-gage on the road, and it's simple to stay in contact with your home office through the phone's synching capabilities and Bluetooth wiring.

Playing Games on Your Nokia N-gage

If it is gaming that you want, the Nokia N-gage is all souped up and ready for action. The phone comes with loads of memory, an ARM processor, MMC memory card, and features that gives gamers better software support than almost any other portable gaming console. Throw in the N-gage's advanced audio functions and it's like having your own personal arcade station with you all the time.

And if that's not enough, the N-gage also comes standard with an FM receiver, programmable and downloadable ring tones, and a built-in MP3 player as well. All in all, the N-gage is more of an entertainment station than a mere mobile phone. But, as GSM cell phones go, the N-gage comes stuffed with enough communications features to make it a sensible buy, even if the bulk of your calling is done right in your own local network.

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