Panasonic Cell Phones

Written by Charles Peacock
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Panasonic cell phones are available in only a few select models. Fortunately, these models have a lot of features, and are significantly different from each other. This means choosing Panasonic cell phones leaves you with a lot of choices and options.

Varieties of Panasonic Cell Phones

The G51U is the most basic of the Panasonic cell phones available. The G51U is extremely compact, but it doesn't lack for features. It features 40 polyphonic ringtones, text messaging capabilities, a WAP browser and a vibrating ring feature.

The Panasonic X70 is a slightly more advanced flip-phone model. It features a large color LCD screen, and a built-in camera. The X70 also has a unique "photo light" which allows you to take pictures in low-light situations. Rather than a standard camera flash, the photo light is a small light that stays on until you take your picture. The X70 also has four megabytes of built-in memory, which allows you to store up to 100 digital pictures.

The Panasonic G60u is a standard-looking (non flip) cell phone that also features a built-in camera and photo light. The color display is quite large, and is able to produce 4,096 colors. In addition to a useful built-in speakerphone, the G60u also has a unique feature that allows you to slide a printed picture underneath a clear cover on the back of the phone.

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