Panasonic G50

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Panasonic G50 is an excellent mid-range GSM phone for users who demand performance with a few style elements thrown in. You still get the standard array of features, from caller ID and wireless game support, as well as more advanced extras such as an integrated WAP browser and EMS support. Whether you need to be in touch with your office or home all day long, or simply want a reliable connection without all the fuss, the G50 is a smart buy.

Like other unlocked GSM phones, the Panasonic G50 is free to roam wherever you go. Instead of being tied in to one specific network, you can make local and long-distance calls anywhere you go. And the phone's triband frequencies bridge the cultural divide any time you leave the U.S. and stumble upon a new communications standard.

Finding the Right Panasonic G50

Getting the best Panasonic G50 is all about your individual needs. Are you a die-hard gamer? Do you keep a Rolodex full of 100 contacts? One thousand contacts? If you're a famous New York or Paris socialite and are busy organizing parties for your 1000 closest friends, there may be better phones out there for you.

But if you simply need to manage your business and personal contact info, schedule appointments, and take shorthand notes from time to time, the G50 is a great match. And at only 2.5 ounces, the model is lightweight and compact enough to fit in your shirt or coat pocket. When you're on the go and your phone rings, you can't be bothered with an unwieldy design. And with the G50 you'll never have to.

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