Panasonic Gd55

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Even if you're not a Hobbit, the Panasonic GD55 is a great fit. The GD55 is small, even for a compact phone, which means limited capabilities and functionality, right? Well, not exactly.

Indeed, the Panasonic GD55 is built for an increasingly micro-sized world, but it still delivers big on wireless connectivity and convenience. Like other triband phones, the Panasonic automatically shuffles among available frequencies to find the cleanest, most reliable one wherever you're traveling. And as with other GSM phones, the GD55 helps redefine the idea of global connectivity.

Be Wired In from Anywhere with the Panasonic GD55

Whether your travels take you to Paris, Texas or Paris, France, Greenwich, Connecticut or Greenwich, England, you're still in the proverbial loop with your Panasonic GD55. The Global Standard for Mobile Communications means you can enjoy local calling rates even when you're abroad, provided of course that you have a global roaming plan. Many carriers have contracts with their counterparts in foreign countries--a sort of reciprocity agreement--which let statesiders talk, e-mail, and text-message for the same rates they pay in the U.S.

What's more, your friends and family can still find you at the exact same number they've been calling for years. Of course, with all of the GD55's built-in games, you may choose not to answer your phone in the first place. When your boss calls, however, you can spot him or her quickly thanks to the model's standard caller ID feature, just one of many designed to make your life much easier.

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