Panasonic Gd88

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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If you've got legions of fans who hinge their lives on your every move, the Panasonic GD88 is just the tool for you. Keep in touch with your entire network at once--well, at least up to 10 people at a time--with group wireless messaging. One of the GD88's best features is its ability to keep two distinct user groups of up to 10 names and addresses apiece.

Say you want your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, and sisters all to hear the latest good news from your academic or professional life. Simply compose a single message, then beam it off to each of those recipients' PCs, PDAs, laptops, or other machines. Now say you've got dirt or gossip that you want only your friends to know about. You can compose a separate message for them and ship it off without having to worry your relatives over your latest exploits.

More Serious Uses of the Panasonic GD88

Shift into business mode for a minute now. You've got wireless needs, and lots of them. There are reports to be sent, meetings to be taken, and plenty of calls to be made. With the Panasonic GD88 you can manage your work flow seamlessly and quickly thanks to better text and graphics messaging capabilities than ever before.

The GD88 features IrDA compatibility that lets you synch your phone with your PC. Keep your contacts and schedule up to date and store photos alongside names so you can keep all your new acquaintances straight. Take your GSM phone with you wherever you go and retain all the same features you enjoy from home. Part of the magic of GSM phones is their ability to cross borders with all their constituent parts intact, giving you clear, uninterrupted service no matter how far you wander.

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