Panasonic Gsm Phones

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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The parent company to Panasonic GSM phones, and, for that matter, all Panasonic equipment, is Matsushita. It's been in electronics since 1958 and has established its name for good reason. In 1992, for example, the company introduced the first navigation system for the Toyota Mark II. In 1996 it produced--for NTT Docomo Incorporated--what was then the world's smallest and lightest cell phone. As far as leading edge technology is concerned, Panasonic is out there.

About Panasonic GSM Phones

Panasonic GSM phones are as good digital cellular technology as you can find! At least nine models are compatible with U.S. service providers. All are very moderately priced, especially for GSM enabled technology. Five are flip phones. One's unique. Several are exquisitely small.

Let's start with the Panasonic G70 GSM world phone unlocked. Weighing just over three ounces, this little tri-band model is shaped like a woman's compact. The form is flip phone, the antenna stub rather than internal, and the 4,096 colors of the LCD display screen set at 128 by 96 pixels. With a 680 mAh lithium ion battery, it offers about 3.5 hours of talk time and 5.8 days of standby time. Oh yes, it has a mirror as well. The G70 is certainly a conversation starter, but a great little phone as well, according to reviewers.

Frivolous fun aside, most Panasonic GSM phones look a bit more serious. The X11 tri-band is a communications tool that belongs a decade or so further into the 21st century. With an integrated VGA camera with flash and zoom, Bluetooth, infrared, PC sync, and a WAP 2.0 browser, this model is ready to go!

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