Philips Cell Phones

Written by Charles Peacock
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Philips cell phones seem to be some of the most advanced phones on the market. Unfortunately, most of their models are not available in the United States. This doesn't mean that U.S. consumers can't use Philips cell phones--it just means you have to purchase them through an international distributor. Just make sure you buy a phone that will work on U.S. GSM networks.

Features of Philips Cell Phones

By far the most unique feature of Philips cell phones is what Philips calls "Snap, Tag & Send" messaging. Snap, Tag & Send refers to the ability of several Philips cell phones to take digital pictures, customize them with a handwritten note, and send them to your friends. But how do you add a handwritten note to an image on your cell phone?

Both the Philips 755 and 759 models feature Snap, Tag & Send technology. Both phones have a touch screen that you can write on with a special pen that comes with the phone. Once you've taken a picture, you're given the option of scrawling a little note on the screen, which is then added right on top of the picture. This is a pretty neat feature for sending customized messages to friends.

The thing to remember if you want to take advantage of Snap, Tag & Send technology is that you can only send your messages to people with MMS service. MMS is similar to SMS (text) messaging, but it usually does not automatically come with your cell phone plan. In most cases you have to sign up for this service for a small monthly fee.

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