Prepaid Cellular

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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If you use a cell phone only occasionally or even rarely, a prepaid cellular card may well be just the right choice. Think about the pluses. You're not strapped into a long-term contract. You're spared the tedious hassle of monthly bills. Credit checks don't come into play. There's no waiting period. You put your money on the table and walk away with a cellular phone you can use immediately. There are, in sum, no surprises.

Buying prepaid cellular cards is also convenient. You can get them almost anywhere, at your local 7-11 or grocery store or CVS. The major wireless providers also offer them, of course. This is undoubtedly your safest course.

Their plans vary rather radically, but amount to the same rate. Prepaid cellular phones are without question more expensive than annual plans paid for on a monthly basis. The advantages in buying a card from an established nationwide company such as AT&T or T-mobile or Verizon are clear. You know what you're paying for. You know exactly the network you're buying into. You know that coverage is extensive. You know that the quality of the connections will be good. There is, in sum, no guesswork.

When Are Prepaid Cellular Cards a Good Idea?

You have a land line. Maybe you don't travel much. Maybe you simply don't want to be available by telephone no matter where you are. So you don't have a regular contract for wireless service. That $50 monthly goes instead to entertaining your bridge group, or your metro/bus pass. But here you are, going traveling down to Georgia to see a friend, or perhaps Cape Cod in the off season. Perhaps your child is going on a trip with friends for two weeks. The idea of being totally out of touch isn't altogether the best idea. What if there's an emergency?

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