Replacement Cell Phones

Written by Charles Peacock
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Replacement cell phones are an unfortunate necessity in the world of small, delicate, easy-to-lose mobile phones. If you have a broken cell phone or have simply lost yours, it's not too difficult to find a replacement. Replacing your phone can be quite expensive, however, so it's best to follow a few important rules for finding replacement cell phones.

How to Find Cheap Replacement Cell Phones

If you're already signed on with a cellular carrier, that's the first place you should look for your replacement cell phones. If you've been signed up with a company for several years, simply calling them and asking them for a replacement allows you to utilize your loyalty to the company to get a good deal. They want to keep your business, and they will often offer you a replacement phone for little or no cost.

If you can't get the phone you want for free, you can always look on the open market. GSM phones are particularly easy to replace, since all you have to do is slide your existing SIM card into the phone to begin using it. Just make sure you don't buy a "locked" phone--this means the phone has been locked to only work with one specific carrier.

If you find yourself losing or breaking your phone a lot (and this applies to a large number of us), ask your carrier if they offer any kind of phone insurance. For a few extra dollars a month, you can usually pick up a plan that will allow you to replace your phone for a small fraction of its street value. This can also be a useful way to keep up-to-date with the newest models.

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