Samsung D500

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Samsung's D500 is an all-around technological heavyweight with the innovative slider design. The slider phones are popular because they allow a compact form and a large display and comfortable keypad all in one device. The D500 is a perfect example of a high-end meeting of form and function.

The D500 Is a Complete Package

Starting with the integrated camera, the D500 boasts the highest quality digital camera on the market at the time of its release (1.3 megapixels), with the capability to record video clips. There is an ample 80MB memory for storing photo and video files. This kind of memory allowance means that the D500 can store over a thousand photos and 60 minutes of video, as well as save numerous MP3 files.

The D500's large display takes advantage of all this multimedia capability, boasting clear TFT technology 256K-color capability. This quality display is of the rare caliber suitable for viewing in direct sunlight. The D500 has strong audio capability as well, with an integrated hands-free speaker and technology that supports enhanced sound clarity of calls.

True to its business nature, the D500 supports Bluetooth wireless connectivity and its own e-mail client. The phone is also SyncML compliant, which is a global standard for remote synchronization of many devices on diverse networks. Add to this D500's tri-band GSM capability, and there's no surprise this phone has been extremely well rated among those who depend on a variety of mobile business applications.

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