Samsung Gsm Phones

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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There's no doubt that Samsung GSM phones--of which there are about 35 available to the U.S. market--are first-rate technology. Established in 1969, the company moved overseas in the early 1980s and has thrived ever since. Samsung GSM phones are clearly a major line in digital wireless technology.

With a strong market in Asia and Europe, Samsung is now strengthening its GSM offerings in the United States. You'll find plenty to choose from, but keep your antenna tuned to the specifications on GSM frequencies. This is especially important if you're looking at GSM phones to give you flexibility in traveling. Not all GSM is identical. The difference can be significant.

The fact is, while AT&T and Cingular offer GSM service in the United States, they're the exception to the rule. Furthermore, while all GSM technology operates in the same way, but there's a catch. There are two methods of providing service and essentially three frequencies that the technology operates on. The United States operates on 1900 MHz with hard coded service. The rest of the world operates on 900/1800 MHz with SIM--that's subscriber identification module--enabled service.

Samsung GSM Phones in the United States

The variety of styles, functionality, and extra features in Samsung GSM phones is truly impressive! Offered by AT&T and Cingular, the dual band SGH-X426 flip phone weighs in at only 2.8 ounces and provides seven hours of talk and nine days of standby. On another part of the spectrum is the P735, Samsung's first megapixel camera cell phone. With a swing form factor, a 262,000-color TFD display at 176 by 220 pixels, it'll be a joy to use!

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