Sanyo Cell Phones

Written by Charles Peacock
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Sanyo cell phones are currently available in six different models. Each of these models works on PCS technology, which means they are primarily intended for use with Sprint's PCS network. Sanyo cell phones range from inexpensive phones with traditional flat designs to more advanced flip-phones with high resolution color LCD screens.

Varieties of Sanyo Cell Phones

The Sanyo RL-4920 is the most basic of the different Sanyo cell phones. It is still packed with features, however, boasting a color LCD screen, a speakerphone, WAP Web browsing, and a walkie-talkie feature. This last feature is only useable if you subscribe to Sprint's nationwide "Ready Link" service, and it is very similar to Nextel's proprietary walkie-talkie service.

The Sanyo SCP-5500 is a more advanced flip-phone model. It also has a speakerphone and a color screen, but it improves on the RL-4920 with its built-in camera. The SCP-5500 is actually one of the few camera phones on the market that actually has a flash, which is useful for taking pictures inside or in low-light conditions.

The Sanyo PM-8200 is a truly unique cell phone because of the way it incorporates walkie-talkie technology into the handset. A traditional-looking flip-phone, the PM-8200 has a speaker on the outside of the flip-lid. This allows you to hold the phone in the palm of your hand and talk with a friend via walkie-talkie, without having to actually open up the flip lid.

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