Siemens Cx65

Written by Stephanie Dula
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The Siemens CX65 is a phone of many multimedia applications, and this capacity is perhaps it's biggest selling point. The CX65 is a typically sized phone with a familiar design, but with an extra large display not usually found on phones of this level. The integrated camera with zoom and video recording capability, as well as many gaming applications via Java technology, make good use of this 65K color display.

CX65 Mobile Entertainment

The CX65 is also known as a videophone, created with the entertainment segment of the cell phone consumer market in mind. Short videos can be created with sound and easily shared with compatible phones. The CX65 takes this capability a bit further with 11MB of storage for these larger files, as well as an impressive phone book.

While the CX65 is equipped with a full set of MMS features, it also supports a host of other mobile communication options as well. There is Internet access via a WAP browser, an e-mail client and an Infrared port for connection to a PC. The high-speed GPRS technology and tri-band GSM support ensure quick data transfer all over the globe.

There are also a number of accessories available for use with the CX65, including a flashlight for use with the phone's VGA camera for low light conditions. And as is popular with fashion and entertainment phones, the CX65 can be customized with changeable color covers. The phone's distinctive larger display offers ease of gaming and browsing the Internet, all in a compact design with much room for creating a personal touch.

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