Siemens M55

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Siemens M55 lets you play 'American Idol' right on your own mobile phone. Rather than settle for a prefab ring tone, record your own melody and make it your official alert every time your M55 rings. You can even lay down ditties on its Cubasis Mobile Synthesizer, then beam them to your adoring fans.

Even if you're not exactly the next Sinatra or Fitzgerald, there's plenty of utility in your Siemens M55 GSM phone. Take advantage of hands-free talking, voice-dialing, and an updated ergonomic keypad that makes calling easier than ever. Leave yourself voice memos, play wireless games, and send color pics to your friends and family. The options are endless.

Getting Your Siemens M55 on the Cheap

A lot of times it's far cheaper to browse online and find an internet retailer to give you a great deal on a mobile phone. Unlike most retail stores, which have high overhead costs, online vendors typically carry a wide inventory and selection, since they're not restricted by commercial space considerations. That means you get a lower price and, often, better customer service as well.

Have you walked into your local AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, or Verizon store lately? You might as well take a number, go out and grab some lunch, then come back in an hour. But buying your Siemens M55 from a reputable online broker requires but a few mouse clicks. Not only that, but most internet servers are far more secure than the trash cans at local retail stores, which is exactly where copies of your credit card receipts sit once your transaction is complete.

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