Siemens Sl55

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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For the fashion-conscious business person who's always bemoaning the state of cell phone style (or lack thereof), meet the Siemens SL55. Look closely at fashion magazines, movies, and TV shows, and you'll see that the so-called rich and beautiful have co-opted the SL55's pulchritudinous gleam and incorporated it into their own ensemble. Like a great book, it could be the cover--which sports a flashing design--that lures you in. But it's the contents that'll keep you reading (or dialing, e-mailing, and text-messaging, as the case may be).

The Siemens SL55 is one of the smallest, lightest GSM phones out there. Though it's built to be nestled in the palm of your hand, the SL55 opens up into a full-tilt business machine when you need one. The faceted, jewel-like keys dazzle indeed, but it's the phone's multifunctionality that sets it apart from its imitators.

The Siemens SL55 Specs

The SL55 is a triband global phone that operates on any international frequency. Its integrated antenna helps you find strong signals, even in the hinterlands, and its strong battery life affords you close to four hours of non-stop chatting (or listening, depending on who's on the other end). The 4096-color display features seven lines to accommodate text-messaging and calling, as well as e-mail.

Other standard features of the SL55 include a handy currency converter, stopwatch, and alarm function--perfect if you're a notorious oversleeper. And like most of the leading GSM cellular phones, the SL55 comes with call waiting, call forwarding, automatic redial, and a suite of other standard options. Unlike typical mobile phones, however, the SL55 also gives you a built-in digital camera with integrated flash, gaming platforms, and wireless internet browsing to boot.

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