Sony Dvd Players

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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As you survey the market for top DVD components, you'll encounter any number of Sony DVD players. You know you can trust the company's expertise. Sony is as famous a name in electronics as it is advanced in technology.

The Gamut of Sony DVD Players

At the low end of the scale as far as your wallet is concerned are the Sony DVD players under $100. With theater-quality sound and picture and a surprisingly generous variety of other features, these ideal for the budget-conscious buyer. You'll get a lot of bang for your buck, whether you opt for the NC665P/B with its five-disc DVD/CD changer and precision cinema progressive technology, or for the D35P.

Moving your eye along the shelf to the more feature-laden Sony DVD players, be prepared to be impressed. If you're looking for portability, you might want to check out the FX701. With a three-hour battery life, a 16.9 aspect ratio, and virtual surround sound, you'll be well equipped to travel in as plush a style as you ever imagined. Bite the bullet, it'll be worth it!

Move back down again to the moderate range. You've forgotten the NS530. This model is a good example of multisystem DVD players. In a world that's gone global in a dizzyingly short span, this will help you bridge the gap of the different analog and digital video technology standards. It's built to play back the big players, the 525-line 30 frames per second NTSC technology of the United States and Japan, as well as the 625-line 25 frames per second PAL standard of Europe and southern Asia.

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