Sony Ericsson P800

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Sony Ericsson P800 is one of the manufacturer's most popular multimedia phones. It comes equipped with a mesmerizing array of features that give you complete control over every facet of your communications, from calling to e-mailing and text messaging. With your Sony Ericsson P800 you are always dialed in, no matter where in the world you may be.

If you're a frequent traveler, the P800 is your all-in-one organizer and communications hub. Its triband frequencies make it useful on five continents, so you can stay wired to your home office even from half a world away. And the Ericsson P800 provides a suite of multimedia features that make taking and sending pictures easier than ever before.

Advanced Features of the Sony Ericsson P800

Like other GSM phones, the P800 is well equipped for any road trip. Since it's part of the fastest-growing global network, your P800 keeps you in touch with friends back home, even while you're busy touring Asia, Africa, and South America. Why bother taking rolls and rolls of pictures with a film camera when you can shoot digitally from your P800 and beam the images directly to your friends and family back home? Or you can always e-mail them to your home computer to help free up space for even more shots.

Unlike other GSM cellular phones, however, the P800 also lets you manage a full database of contacts as well as your daily calendar. Store up to 500 names in your Rolodex and keep an accurate log of everyone you've called, everyone who's called you, and any calls you've missed along the way. And if you're tired of typing, you can always switch to handwriting mode and input your data through a stylus, which your Sony Ericsson will recognize just as readily as it does your phone keys.

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