Sony Ericsson P900

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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If you have an extra few hundred dollars burning a hole in your pocket as well as a jones for the latest and greatest technology, the Sony Ericsson P900 was made for you. The manufacturer's newest model comes flush with all the features of its predecessor, the Sony Ericsson P800, but adds a few major technological and stylistic improvements to boot. The P900 is designed for those leading the wireless revolution. If you're merely seeking to make a few calls, there are much better choices for you on the market.

The most conspicuous stylistic difference between the P900 and its precursor is its graphic resolution. The Sony Ericsson P900 boasts an incredible high-resolution display with more than 65,000 colors, so you can take shots that are as crisp as they are vivid, then beam them to your friends and family. You can even create a distribution list right in your phone and e-mail your pics to dozens of people at once.

The Technology Behind the Sony Ericsson P900

Sure, the upgraded keypad with backlight illumination looks sharp, as does the charcoal gray cover and aluminum buttons. But it's the groundbreaking technology that has won the Sony Ericsson P900 the bulk of its converts. Not only does the model upgrade the operating system to the new Symbian UIQ 2.1, it also boasts WAP 2.0, iMode browser, and HTML support.

That means that wherever you take your Sony Ericsson GSM phone, you have more integration options than ever before. If it turns out there are applications you need for even more advanced programming, the P900 lets you download those programs as needed from the Internet. And if all those plug-ins and extras max out your space, you can always supplement your 12MB of internal storage with an expandable memory stick as well.

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