Sony Ericsson T630

Written by Stephanie Dula
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The Sony Ericsson T630 is an updated version of the popular and well rated T610, equipped with some key upgrades and extras. When models do well in the crowded cell phone market of today, manufacturers like to try and extend the life of the basic design. They take the same interface and set of features and attempt to make them more streamlined and user-friendly, while adding more technology according to present demands.

T630 Imaging

The T630's main improvement over its predecessor is a 65K color TFT display (the T610 had an STN screen which is now considered outdated for quality handsets). Since technology changes so rapidly from year to year, its important that manufacturers compensate as quickly as possible. In a market dominated by gaming, photo, and video applications, the display becomes an integral feature to most consumers.

Indeed, the T630 makes fine use of this improved imaging ability with its built-in camera and many photo applications. The phone's QuickShare technology enables ease of sending and receiving pictures via Bluetooth connectivity, e-mail, and multimedia messages. There is a photo phone book application and photo gallery for storage.

The T630 can't really be classified as a business or fashion phone, since there's a little of everything on this phone for both segments of the market. Java compatibility makes it possible to download games and themes, while PIM applications and synchronization capability offer strong mobile business services. The T630 is truly versatile and unique, a familiar design with a lot of possibilities for personalization.

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