Sony Ericsson Z600

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Sony Ericsson Z600 is similar to the T610 model, but with a few important distinctions. The most obvious difference is the Z600's new clamshell form, which is a far cry from the more industrial look of the T610. Each phone sports its own unique design, but many users prefer the convenience of the clamshell to the bulkier style of the T610.

The Sony Ericsson Z600 also gives users interchangeable covers to let them customize their phone's exterior. A new display, meanwhile, makes for much-improved contrast, even in direct sunlight. While many of the T610's owners appreciated the phone's fine functionality, they also complained about readability in broad daylight. Well, Sony Ericsson has solved the problem.

Tech Specs of the Sony Ericsson Z600

One of the most noteworthy improvements on the inside of your Z600 is the addition of Gameboard EGB-10 components. If you spend as much time on your phone playing games as you do talking, you'll find this added support indispensable. As an added bonus, Sony Ericsson has even included new games tailored to multi-player setups to complement the phone's Bluetooth capabilities.

Naturally, Sony Ericsson has left its digital camera--one of its most popular features--in place, so taking and sending photos is still a snap. And since the Z600 is still a GSM phone, it offers the same unrivaled range as other triband phones, meaning you can conduct business (or goof off) from a continent away if you so desire. You can even customize your ring tones so that if your boss does call while you're goofing off you can either pause your game or simply ignore his or her call altogether.

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