Written by Laurie Nichol
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T-Mobile is one of the frontrunners among wireless providers. Besides offering wireless internet service and competitively-priced cell calling plans, T-Mobile plans work with wireless products from several of the best cell phone companies, like Samsung, Ericsson, and Motorola. Choosing T-Mobile also means access to one of the most enticing new features in cellular.

T-Mobile's Newest Draw

As if sending our voices to whom we want, from wherever we are, wasn't enough. Now, we have the power to take snapshots that we can instantly transmit to our friends! That is, if we carry the newest T-Mobile camera phones and subscribe to their t-zones service.

So, is it worth it? This service is a perk that anyone would definitely love to have, but does it fit into a tight cell phone budget? After all, you have to buy one of the specific phones and change your cell calling plan.

Actually, T-Mobile's t-zones plan is only an extra $2.99 each month, and some of the camera phone models start as low as $100 after rebate! Now that you've been convinced, you have only to let your friends know how easy it is to switch. You'll be pointing, clicking, and sending in no time!

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