T-mobile Cell Phones

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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The geometric gray and pink logo of T-mobile cell phones and hotspots is coming to represent the next standard in communications. Accessing the Internet from anywhere at any time is clearly the direction we're headed and the place we'll reach so quickly it won't be amazing for too long. If you travel out of the country on a regular basis and use the Internet for business, T-mobile is very likely an excellent choice.

About T-mobile and T-mobile Cell Phones

The company is a wireless service provider, the mobile telecommunications subsidiary of Deutsche Telekomm AG. This translates to some 72 million customers worldwide, making the company one of the top three. A core service/product offering is its Wi-Fi wireless broadband service in public locations. Starbucks, Kinko's, airline clubs at airports, and Border's bookstores are only the beginning.

As a wireless cell phone service provider, then, T-mobile is a serious contender in the marketplace. It's fast, reliable, and convenient. Its service plans are generous in terms of daytime minutes and lack of roaming charges. The usual extra features are of course part of the deal. Network coverage across the United States is extensive, though it is less than Verizon's or AT&T's, for example. Its global coverage, understandably, is almost unparalleled.

T-mobile cell phones include a variety from the usual manufacturers. Among these are the company names you know and probably expect--Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, and Sony Ericsson--and one you might not--Siemens (the parent company, after all, is German). T-mobile's little surprise has to do with T-mobile cell phones. If, after you comparison shop--always a very good idea--you opt for T-mobile service, you could be in for a pleasant surprise on an unexpected detail. You might be able to take your cell phone with you from your old wireless provider.

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