T1 Service Providers

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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The T1 line of T1 service providers refers to a fiber optic line that transmits digital signals at 1.544 megabits per second. Do you care? Yes, you do. Your Internet service very likely uses a leased T1 line to connect its servers to the Internet backbone. You as a business will may likely use one as well. If you're shopping for a T1 line, you don't need to worry too much about having to learn how it works. It's enough to know the power and capacity of the T1 and its role in the Internet.

About 87 percent of Internet service providers used T1 lines in 2002. The forecast was for an annual increase of 13 percent. Some ISPs have backup T1 lines. Redundancy measures are always a sign of a good service provider. Where ISPs and small businesses use T1 lines, the Internet itself uses faster T-3 connections that transmit at about 42 megabits.

Because of the guaranteed bandwidth and reliability (especially as compared to DSL lines), T1 is definitely the most popular business connection. It's popular for a good reason. Your T1 service providers give you a way to stay profitable in a competitive world when speedy strong connections to the Internet are critical.

Finding the Best T1 Service Providers for Your Business

Online "brokers" are your best option for finding T1 service providers for your business. It's simple. All you do is complete a form with your needs. You don't need to be a technical wizard or understand the ins and outs of how fiber optic cables work, or the various T1 options. The facts on the number of users, computers, access, and applications are enough to start the process.

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