Toll-free Internet Service Providers

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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You might think that toll-free Internet service providers are a thing of the past. After all, the net of fiber optic cables across the country is thickening. Cell phone towers are almost everywhere. T-mobile hotspots are becoming standard in Starbucks, and Kinkos, and goodness knows where else. Think instead of ISPs offering toll-free connections as the candle in the thunderstorm when the electricity goes out. This is more than looking for a rustic tone as I type a few paragraphs about connectivity in a technological era.

Toll-free Internet Service Providers: Connection Back-up

It's clear enough that wireless technology is the direction we're headed in communications, if we're not there already. But wireless connectivity means towers. Towers have to be built to transmit. They aren't everywhere yet. Telephone lines, however, pretty much are. Toll-free Internet service providers therefore still have an important role in the industry.

A good example is the five year stretch that I spent nearly every weekend on the road, usually in rural areas in the Midwest and along the East Coast. (Free confession is good for the soul: I played a lot of golf.) When not on the course, I worked. Had it not been for toll-free Internet service providers--specifically Earthlink and AOL--this wouldn't have been possible. (It was great while it lasted.)

You'll need to do some online research. What you want to look for are nationwide providers that also offer toll-free connection numbers, the more the better. In theory the toll-free numbers are enough. I ran into difficulties periodically, however, with the lines being busy. If you're working on deadlines, you'll want as many alternate connections as possible. If you've got flexibility, you're always better off.

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