Touchpoint Cell Phones

Written by Charles Peacock
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Touchpoint cell phones are produced by the manufacturer LG, and they are primarily used on Sprint's PCS network. Touchpoint cell phones are relatively rudimentary in terms of features, but that's only because most Touchpoint cell phones were released over a while ago. Interestingly enough, though, some Touchpoint cell phones had some pretty revolutionary features when they were released.

Features of Touchpoint Cell Phones

The Touchpoint 1100 was a cell phone manufactured by LG specifically for Sprint, and it carried the Sprint logo on the front of the phone. The unique thing about the 1100 was that it was the first flip-phone to feature both an internal LCD screen (the main screen for the phonebook and other functions) as well as an external caller ID screen. This screen was on the outside of the flip top, and would allow the user to see who was calling before they opened the phone to answer the call.

The Touchpoint 1100 ran on CDMA networks, which are the networks that Sprint and several other providers use. It featured WAP Wireless Web capabilities, as well as the ability to send and receive text messages. It also had the ability to roam on analog networks, which can be very useful for people who frequently travel outside of large metropolitan areas.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the Touchpoint 1100 has been battery life. After a year or so of use, many people reported that the 110 would run out of power quite quickly. If you still own a Touchpoint 1100, it's probably not a bad idea to upgrade.

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