Wholesale Cellular Phones

Written by Charles Peacock
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Wholesale cellular phones aren't that easy to get your hands on, unless you're in the resale business. Even in this case, you have to buy large quantities of the same phones to get real wholesale cellular phones pricing. There are some shops and websites that offer individual wholesale cellular phones at supposedly low prices, but even in these cases it's unlikely that you'll really get a fantastic deal.

Finding Wholesale Cellular Phones

One of the main problems with trying to buy cell phones at wholesale prices is that individual phone pricing is highly regulated and manipulated by phone manufacturers and cellular carriers. People who get a new cell phone rarely pay the full retail price. The cost of the phone is usually subsidized by a carrier when you sign up for an annual contract.

Because of this, it's not uncommon to get a $250 cell phone for next to nothing. The phone carrier wants to keep you on board, so they pay for most of the phone in the hopes of getting your business. Instant rebates on new phones range anywhere from $50 to $350, depending on which model and service plan you choose.

Because of these kinds of arrangements, it's very difficult to get a better deal on a phone when you're not signing up for a plan. Cell phone resellers (who are not involved in the sign up process) buy phones from the manufacturer at a specific price. For them to make any money on the phones there has to be a certain markup. They are, though, sometimes able to offer the same subsidized discounts as the carriers.

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