Wireless Phone Service Companies

Written by Liza Hartung
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There are dozens of wireless phone companies spread across the United States. Among the big ones you'll find Sprint, AT&T, Nextel, Cingular, T-Mobile, Virgin and more. You may have a certain affinity toward one or the other for whatever reason, but when it comes to finding a new phone and a new plan, it's important to look around first. You can do all your research over the Internet if you like.

I recently changed plans. Having had a cell phone for a few years, I knew about how many minutes I was going to need, as well as any extra features I wanted If you aren't familiar with the kind of minutes you'll need, you could end up paying too much. You might get a plan that has way too many minutes for you, and all the unused minutes get lost.

Checking Minutes

If you get a plan with not enough minutes, you'll get billed a ridiculous amount for every minute you go over. Having done that before, I can tell you that most providers won't be very flexible with your bill. Once you sign your one or two-year contract, it's important to keep track of the minutes you are using.

I know so many people who have free nights and weekends, but don't take note of when they're using their phones. They just make a call whenever and then, when the bill comes, they're outraged. There's more to a wireless provider than just minutes, however. You'll also be looking at phones, customer service, reception, roaming and special features you might want, such as access to the Internet.

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