Wireless Phone Services

Written by Liza Hartung
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In this day of wireless technology, it's rare for anyone not to have a cell phone. It's almost a wonder what we did before the invention of cell phones. People talk on their phones while driving, eating, shopping, working, walking and even while visiting the powder room. Such high volume use has prompted some states to make it illegal to talk on the phone while driving without the use of a headset.

You'll also see signs in restaurants or retail stores stating that you won't be served if you're on the phone. Although we can see where the cell phone reaches a point of excess, it's certainly a useful tool to have around. If you aren't at home very often, a cell phone lets you stay in touch with your family and friends. It provides security when you're driving alone in the dark or the rain.

Having a cell phone most definitely makes it easier to make plans with someone. If you're running late, you can make a quick call from your car and no one gets worried. If you're lost, simply pick up the phone. If you think you were supposed to meet in one place and your friend is in another, it takes nothing more than dialing a few numbers to find each other.

Fun with Phones

Cell phones are becoming much more than simple forms of verbal communication. You can text message your friends. Simply type in a message and send it off. This is great when you're out somewhere and don't want to make the noise that talking on a phone requires. It's also perfect when you want to say something simple such as "Hey," "Meet me at noon," or "I love you."

Text messaging is just the beginning, however. Some phones have cameras, video streaming, internet access, special rings, sounds, photos and more. You can use your phone to keep track of your daily schedule, set an alarm, read the news or look for local movie times. Using a cell phone, however, isn't as simple as using a landline. You've got to keep track of minutes, what time you're making your calls and who you're calling if your service plan has usage restrictions.

Cell Phone Plans

Most cell phone plans nowadays offer "unlimited nights and weekends." This means that when you use your phone past a certain hour of the night and on the weekends, your minutes will not be deducted. Most people who have cell phones pay for a certain amount of monthly minutes. With most plans, if you go over your minutes, you're in for a big surprise on your bill.

When you sign up for a new plan, make sure you check the price of each minute past your allotted time. If you think you're going to go over, get a plan with more minutes. Some companies are now doing a kind of flexible plan. This will help you determine how many minutes you'll need without worrying about an exorbitant bill.

Flexible plans will let you pay for a certain amount of minutes upfront. Then, every 100 minutes that you go over you'll have to pay a flat fee. Not all companies do this, so if it sounds good, look for the ones that do. Some companies also offer rollover minutes. This is if you don't use all your minutes for the month. The ones that you didn't use will "rollover" and be added to the next month's allowance.

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