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VP of Sales and Marketing Chris Sigler of Texas-based American Discount Telecom is the company's main resource regarding the telephone services the company can provide. ADT offers a full range of both business and residential phone service, with a range of competitive options that matches that of the larger carriers. As a CLEC, ADT is a fully-functional phone service provider, with a commitment to serve particularly those customers in rural areas who desire a greater flexibility in their phone service.

Chris Sigler: A Committed Resource

As the leading source for information about ADT's phone service, Chris Sigler is committed to detailing the advantage of choosing ADT. Again, ADT's service is geared for users in rural areas, where UNE-P services from incumbent carriers is typically not the most cost-effective method. At the same time, ADT's proposed wireless VOIP solutions will be custom-made to serve either rural or urban locations.

ADT: A Leader in Consulting

Due to the work of Sigler and others, ADT has established itself as a leading CLEC consultant. Relying on the company's consulting expertise is a guarantee of higher net profits and a more effective methodology for running a CLEC. The company was poised to provide CLEC consulting not long after the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which reveals the foresight of company leaders to lock-in on what has proved to be a lucrative sector of the market promising unlimited growth.

As a member of that team, Sigler's own credibility is firmly established. His knowledge of ADT's operations will be a valuable resource for anyone looking to harness the company's consulting services. That this statement could be true for any of the company's leaders makes ADT a leading candidate for any CLEC consulting needs.

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