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When you are looking for the best CLEC strategies to use for your operation, you have a number of quality resources at your disposal. You could go it alone in developing your strategy, or you could rely on an ILEC for your information, but if you choose the latter, you might be advised to try reselling or UNE-L, which are not necessarily the best solutions. Your best option, in this case, is probably to take advantage of the expertise of a CLEC consultant, who can offer you the accumulated experience of years spent navigating the telecom industry.

Advantages of Acquiring Your CLEC Strategies From a Consultant

When you rely on a qualified consultant for your CLEC strategies, you're relying on a company that understands the most efficient ways to make profit from offering CLEC services. Even better is finding a consultant that has experience offering these services itself--doing so can ensure that the consultant has total familiarity with the intricate workings of CLEC operations, including services, methods, regulations, and so on. When you've found such a consultant, you can be sure that expertise can be passed on to you.

Most importantly, consider the advantages of relying on an established consultant when you wish to incorporate CLEC services into your operation. These can include keeping from eight to 30 dollars per line of CABS revenue each month from long distance carriers alone, paying little to nothing for custom calling features, and the ability to offer broadband Internet services anywhere, even when no DSL service is available. These are just a few of the advantages of harnessing the experience of a consultant when you want to initiate CLEC services.

Profits on the Rise

When you pull together the above advantages and the others that come when utilizing a consultant, the overall translation into net profit for you can be from 50 to 70 percent. With these results, why pursue resale or UNE-L? High court decisions continue to favor UNE-P competitive carriers, and the number of such carriers to the country's households will only continue to increase.

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Best CLEC Strategies for 2011

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