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The competitive telecom association Comptel has established itself as an industry leader in addressing the interests of almost every existing segment of that industry. ILECs, CLECs, wireless providers, software suppliers, ISPs--the list goes on when describing the industry sectors that the association strives to represent. In its drive to become the most effective leader in the industry, the organization has emerged as the voice for competitive telecom at the highest levels, including Congress and the FCC.

Comptel: A Mission to Serve

Comptel has thrived in its commitment to maintain the survival of a competitive market atmosphere within the telecom industry, to the benefit of its extensive membership and the customer base that membership represents. The association has continually refined its effectiveness for over 20 years, a process that reached a culmination in 1996, as the association was a potent lobbying force for the Telecommunications Act. To this day, the organization continues to pursue the full scope and realization of the goals set forth in the Act.

In a move to serve its large membership at a more immediate level, Comptel offers three major industry conferences throughout the year. Along with holding two educational seminars each year, these events are designed to continually enrich the telecom community in a way that fosters the growth and success of each participating member. The greater effect, of course, is a legacy of learning and sharing information that enriches the entire industry, and ensures its success and viability in the long run.

This desire to advance the industry using every method at its disposal is Comptel's hallmark. As the organization continues to be the leading voice for all things telecom, its membership and reach will continue to grow. Count on the association to be a leading voice well into the future as telecom competition thrives.

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