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As the president of Texas-based American Discount Telecom, Eric Brown has established himself as a leader in the field of ISP/CLEC operation. Brown has been working in the telecom industry for over 40 years, and has been aiding CLECs since 1998. During this time, Brown has developed the experience and expertise that gives him the edge when it comes to knowing how to run a profitable CLEC.

As the president of ADT, Brown has forged the company into a successful consultant in the industry that has gleaned valuable insight into CLEC operation through the operation of its own CLEC. This first-hand experience gives the company a working template to make sure that its own methods are time-tested and guaranteed to succeed. ADT has also shown its ability to tap into the rapidly expanding ISP/CLEC market for outstanding revenue potential, and Brown is committed to sharing that knowledge with other enterprising CLECs.

Eric Brown and ADT: An Industry Forerunner

When you consider that Eric Brown began assisting CLECs in 1998, only two years after the passing of the Telecom Act of 1996, it is easy to conclude that Brown had a keen eye at the time for the huge profit potential that awaited the savvy entrepreneur. At the same time, it is clear to see that Brown was committed to sharing his own foresight with others--thus the creation of ADT. Today, Brown continues in that role as a leader who is working to unlock the profit potential for others who wish to operate as ISP/CLECs.

Ultimately, when considering a consultant to guide you through the sometimes convoluted workings of becoming an ISP/CLEC, ADT cannot be overlooked. The company's early entry into the role testifies to Brown's keen business sense and reveals the credibility that you can expect from a business relationship with ADT. You can also be confident that Brown will continue to search for the ways and means for you to experience success in the operation of your own ISP/CLEC.

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What a crook

Eric Brown - ADT and any subsidiary companies he formed was nothing but a way to scam potential CLEC's out of their money. He is a total fraud.

looking for eric brown

I am a longtime friend of Erics. if this makes it to eric contact