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ISG Telecom, founded in 1996 by Joseph Isaacs, has served since that time as a leading provider of consulting services for the ISP/CLEC market. ISG keeps its focus on the so-called "Next Generation Telco's" and turnkey CLEC and IXC solutions. The company can also offer regulatory consulting in areas such as FCC and PUC certifications, tariffs and interconnection agreements, and so on.

ISG Telecom: Opening the Door

ISG Telecom has been opening the door, so to speak, for aspiring ISPs and CLECs since almost the moment the Telecommunications Act was passed in 1996. This urgency reveals the foresight of the company's leadership to understand the potential for revenue that would take off as the Act freed up ILEC networks for use by competitors. That urgency today is translated into a commitment to give clients the most effective information for becoming an ISP or CLEC themselves.

In particular, ISG has developed tremendous proficiency in helping clients to navigate the sometimes murky workings of FCC and PUC regulations. Along this same line, the company can assist clients in negotiating interconnection agreements with ILECs. These strengths make ISG an ideal candidate as a consultant that can give any client a head-start when pursuing ISP/CLEC operation.

ISP/CLEC Past, Present, and Future

Even though the period of time between the passage of the Telecom Act and today has not been long considering the history of telecommunications, tremendous changes have taken place during that time. As an ISP/CLEC consultant, ISG has been there every step of the way, gaining experience and expertise at every turn. If the company's exemplary track record is any indication, ISG will continue to be a viable, respected consultant well into the future of telecommunications.

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