Joseph Isaacs

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As the founder of ISG-Telecom Consultants Int'l., Joseph Isaacs has set himself apart as a leader in the telecom industry. Seizing on the possibilities created after the passing of the Telecom Act in 1996, Isaacs founded ISG-Telecom to be a leading resource for enterprising individuals looking to tap into the potential of the ISP/CLEC market that opened up with the passing of the Telecom Act. In fact, Isaacs was one of the major innovators in creating that market, and his keen industry foresight paved the way for the tremendous revenue potential that exists in the ISP/CLEC segment of the industry today.

Joseph Isaacs: A Quick Background Look

Joseph Isaacs experience as a consultant gives the portrait of a man who has developed expertise in an astounding number of areas. His position as interim CEO, Advisory Council member, and 20 plus years of consulting in the fields of sales, marketing, legal issues, finance, and telecommunications, all to the benefit of Fortune 500 companies, have set him apart among his peers. His inclusion into the Nationwide Register's Who's Who in Executives and Business in consecutive years (2000-01, 2001-02) have truly established Isaacs as a trusted leader whose creativity and insight continue to set the standard for all to follow.

Regarding his work in the ISP/CLEC market, Isaacs has been personally involved in over 500 interconnection and resale agreements nationwide. Additionally, he has worked with every major ILEC including BellSouth, Verizon, Ameritech, SBC, Sprint, and others. Today, Isaacs is a leading speaker on all facets of ISP/CLEC operation, sharing his tremendous expertise with hundreds of individuals around the country.

Isaacs: The Essence of Leadership

That Isaacs has made a career out of translating his own expertise into benefits for others testifies to the singular depth of his commitment to leadership. As the market potential for ISP/CLEC operation continues to grow, everyone who reaps the rewards from this tremendous revenue stream will be able to look to Isaacs as one of the individuals who made it all possible. At the same time, Isaacs will continue to search out new ways and possibilities for enterprising souls to experience the success and the growth of their businesses themselves.

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