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Matthew Brown is the Executive VP of leading telecom consultant ISG Telecom. Brown has also taken on the responsibility of Director of Projects for the company's ISP/CLEC clients, and handles project management for ISG's CLEC and IXC projects. In these roles, Brown has provided a crucial link between the company's extensive resources and those clients looking to become ISPs or CLECs.

Matthew Brown and ISG: Navigating a New Terrain

Because the ISP/CLEC market is relatively new, there is still the sense of vast, untapped potential for revenue that awaits those enterprising individuals who will seek it. Matthew Brown and ISG are experienced guides through the unexplored terrain, as it were, of the challenging regulatory landscape that is CLEC application. Indeed, between the FCC and various state utilities commissions, the volume of red tape an aspiring ISP/CLEC must face can be imposing, to say the least.

Fortunately, with the combined expertise of Brown and other ISG leaders, clients can expect skillful negotiation through complex federal and state certification, interconnection agreements with ILECs, provisioning of services, obtaining operating codes and much more. In fact, ISG is an established forerunner in the area of regulatory proficiency, showing a continued commitment to translate that knowledge into a quick turnaround for ISP/CLEC applicants. For anyone wondering just how quick that turnaround can be, ISG asserts that when taking advantage of their consulting services, a client can be a fully functional ISP/CLEC in only 120 days in most states!

ISG Telecom: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

ISG has been in operation since the earliest days following the passage of the Telecommunications Act in 1996. The company has remained in operation to today, riding on the same industry prescience that guided its entrance into the emerging sector of ISP/CLEC almost before it had a name. By all estimations, ISG Telecom will continue to be a stalwart of the industry well into tomorrow, offering its consulting services as the market continues to grow beyond all expectations.

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Staying Power of ISG-Telecom

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