Matthew Simpson

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Matthew Simpson is VP of Network Operations for Texas-based American Discount Telecom. As such, he handles the operations of the company's web-hosting service, as well as all elements of the company's program offering ISP-status to its clients. In this role, Simpson and ADT have served as invaluable consultants to clients looking to become effective players in the ISP/CLEC market that evolved out of the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

Matthew Simpson and ADT: Leaders in Innovation

Relying on the expertise of Matthew Simpson and other company leaders, ADT is preparing a move into the wireless sector of the telecom industry. Though ADT has had tremendous success operating its own UNE-P CLEC, company leaders see the possibility of reaching even more customers by applying a low-cost wireless solution, particularly in rural areas where UNE-P solutions are not feasible. This innovative step by ADT translates into extended options for their clients, who will be able to witness firsthand a working template of ADT's application.

This bold pursuit exemplifies Simpson and the other leaders of ADT, who will not hesitate to test new applications on their own time, at their own expense, if it means passing on valuable revenue opportunities to their clients. This approach has given the company instant industry credibility, and a reputation for being trailblazers among their clients. This pioneering spirit is a hallmark of the company, and instills in their clients a sense of respect and loyalty that has in turn guaranteed their success.

Simpson and ADT: A Model for the Future

Simpson and ADT will continue to be a driving force in the operation of UNE-P CLECs as the market sector grows by leaps and bounds. At the same time, they will have their fingers firmly on the pulse of new innovations, such as wireless technology, that promise to offer CLECs additional reach and flexibility, not to mention increased profits! For their clients, ADT will continue to be a trusted source of industry insight and expertise that will inspire the next generation of leaders in the field.

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