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If you want to start a telephone company, you'll have a number of viable options to consider. At the same time, determining what method is guaranteed to get you the greatest profit is the most important decision to make, so it is crucial that you take a close look at each option to see which one can get you the greatest return on your investment. As you begin your research, you'll see three main options emerge--resale, UNE-L, and UNE-P.

When considering the first two options, resale and UNE-L, you might want to take into account who is suggesting these methods--if it is the incumbent carrier, then ask yourself why an ILEC is suggesting methods that will not necessarily provide the same percentage of profit as UNE-P. In fact, while these methods might have offered the best chance for substantial profit in the past, recent Supreme Court rulings in favor of the FCC and CLECs have opened the door for potentially much greater revenue streams through the use of UNE-P. To this effect, UNE-P has emerged as the leading option for generating substantial revenue for the start-up carrier.

UNE-P: The Clear Choice When You Start a Telephone Company

When you consider the current telecom environment, the UNE-P strategy quickly becomes your best option when you want to start a telephone company. Take advantage of the high court rulings that have freed up the ILEC ports and equipment, become a UNE-P CLEC, and find yourself with the ability to offer all of the services and features that your end-users have come to expect in their phone service. Custom calling features, toll-free numbers, dial-up or high-speed Internet services--these are just a few of the services you'll be able to offer as a UNE-P CLEC.

The Market is Wide Open

If you have given any degree of serious thought to starting a telephone company, then consider that the telecom industry is currently wide open for enterprising individuals like yourself to claim a stake in the market share. The number of UNE-P CLECs servicing the country's businesses and households will only continue to grow, with revenues following close behind.

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