Unbundled Network Element

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With the passing of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, the emergence of the unbundled network element has dramatically reshaped the face of the telecom industry. Harnessing these components of the ILEC networks has paved the way for the ISP/CLEC market's tremendous growth of the past few years. As competition continues to grow in the sector in the years to come, it will become ever more important to utilize the UNEs in creative ways if continued revenue is to be expected.

Harnessing the Unbundled Network Element

With the creation of the unbundled network element, two main methodologies emerged, UNE-L and UNE-P. UNE-P has proven to be the more profitable of the two, and is the premier solution for single-line operation. It's revenue potential arises from the fact that it is the fastest growing type of local competition.

As such, more CLECs are forming to capitalize on these lucrative revenue streams. With that knowledge in mind, there is no better time to enter the CLEC market, as the most ambitious companies will quickly stake their claim to the growing market share. Seeking the services of a qualified CLEC consultant could prove to be a wise decision at this stage in the growth of the market, as a means of getting a jump on effective techniques and methodologies.

UNE-P: The Keyword is Potential

UNE-P is projected to remain a leading source of revenue for those companies with the foresight to apply it. Recent legislation continues to come out in favor of UNE-P solutions, so the potential remains secure. For the enterprising CLEC start-up, UNE-P is the most vital methodology available.

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